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Top 5 Excavator Attachments you need for Autumn / Winter

Top 5 Excavator Attachments you need for Autumn / Winter

Top 5 Excavator Attachments for Autumn / Winter

Now that Autumn / Winter is upon us, it's time to get your excavator kitted out with the attachments you need for those pesky ditching, drainage, construction and maintenance projects.

All attachments will be useful in their own right, but this list is the TOP 5 ATTACHMENTS we believe will make your life easier. You can get the jobs done without them but having the right tools for the job will be simpler, faster and safer.

Top 5 Excavator Attachments:

1. Digging Bucket (Toothed)
2. Ripper Tooth
3. Rake Riddle Bucket
4. Tilt-Ditching Bucket
5. Manual Quick Hitch

1. Digging Bucket (Toothed)

Alternative names: General Purpose, Trenching Bucket

Rhinox Digging Buckets

The first attachment is the standard Excavator Digging Bucket - fitted with teeth. You may think 'Why is this specific to Autumn / Winter?', the answer is it's not, but it is essential for any of your ditching, drainage or maintenance projects.

The Standard Digging Bucket is known as the General Purpose Bucket because it can be used for most tasks. It is suitable for digging trenches and moving bulk materials, but is also very useful in damper months to remove blocked ditches, dig out new drainage trenches or for other essential maintenance projects on roadsides, farmland and even in gardens. 

The Toothed Digging Bucket helps with penetrating and breaking up ground. Which is specifically useful in those colder months where the ground is slightly harder due to frost or colder temperatures. The protruding teeth utilise the force of the machine to break through that tougher material. But sometimes, the ground is even too tough for the Digging Bucket - this leads us onto our 2nd  Attachment.

2. Ripper Tooth

Alternative names: Ripper Hook, Ground Hook, Digger Claw

Rhinox Ripper Tooth

What do you do to dig or break up the ground if your digging bucket can’t get through it? A Ripper Tooth is the answer.

This attachment is designed with maximum penetration force in mind. The small, single end point means that all the power of the machine is being put through this end, rather than spread across a wider surface like on the Digging Bucket. This power therefore easily breaks through harder surfaces like frozen ground during the colder seasons. 

On the larger Rhinox Ripper Tooth (5 Ton and above) the Ripper Tooth has a serrated Tooth on the end of the attachment - this maximises the friction between the tooth and the material, making it easier to drag through the ground, and not slipping like it would if the Tooth Surface was flat.

Not only is this attachment perfect for digging through frozen or compact grounds, it is extremely useful for removing stuck objects in the ground or in trenches like tree roots or old pipes.

3. Rake Riddle Bucket

Alternative names: General Purpose Rake, Rake Bucket

Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket

The Rake Riddle Bucket is the 2-in-1 attachment, designed for clearing and sorting materials in the ground. It is a hybrid of a Land Clearance Rake and a Riddle Bucket / Shaker Bucket, which are also great ground clearing excavator attachment.

This attachment has the rake style tines of the Land Rake, with a Grading Bucket shaped shell for maximum ground coverage and the vertical tines of a Riddle Bucket. These features create the perfect tool for land clearance – giving you the option to rake, riddle and clear material, such as: stones, rocks, leaves and roots in one movement.

The Rake Riddle Bucket design makes it perfect for clearing out trenches or ditches that are clogged with leaves and other debris. The narrow-spaced tines let you scoop out the material while letting any water or other small materials like drainage stones pass through. As well as any drainage jobs, these attachments are great for removing any unwanted bushes or brambles, separating out any mixed materials like bricks or large rocks from loose leaves and many more.

If you're working in much colder climates, the Land Rake might be preferable for turning over the ground as the tines are much thicker and stronger, so will be less likely to become damaged when dragged through the frozen surfaces.

4. Tilt-Ditching Buckets

 Alternative names: Tilt Grading Bucket, Tilting Bucket, Rotator Bucket

Rhinox Tilt Ditching Buckets

Once you've cleared any surfaces or trenches, you may need to profile, level or tidy up materials that are left behind. This will more than likely be a drainage trench, a dyke or the edge of a bank, which can be very difficult to finish from a level platform - this is where the Tilt-Ditching Bucket can come in handy.

The Tilt Ditcher is the solution to grading any surface on an angle. They are the same as your standard Grading Bucket / Ditching Bucket but are fixed to hangers that are able to rotate / tilt. This makes it much easier for you to level off any collapsed dyke banks or profile any new trench edges. As well as, utilising it for profiling Golf Courses, carving out lakes or ponds, shaping complex garden beds or forming cambers on roads in the warmer months where the ground is not sloppy from rain or too solid from frost.

The Rhinox Tilt-Ditcher has an angled rear shell so that when you're profiling, the back of the bucket doesn't cut into the area you have completed. If you want more information about the Rhinox Tilt-Ditching Bucket, click here.

5. Manual Quick Hitch

Alternative names: Quick Coupler, Quick Attach, Mechanical Hitch, Pin Grabber

Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch

This isn't necessarily and attachment per say, but it will definitely be your best friend if you are swapping between your buckets and attachments on a regular basis.

A Quick Hitch speeds up the time it takes you to change attachments - you no longer need to smack pins in and out of the dipper arm. Simply, use a lever to open a latch and the bucket pin will release. Attachment changes go from 10 minutes to 20 seconds.

This attachment is exactly what you need if you're trying to get your jobs done quickly. Especially if you want to get out of the cold and damp weather of sunny, sunny UK. As well as speeding up attachment changes, it's also considerable safer and reduces the wear on your buckets, attachments, and tipping links as they are exposed to less force. This will maximise the overall lifetime of your equipment and reduces the amount of hard labour required.

If you're still unsure whether a fitting a Quick Hitch is the right choice for you, click here for a more in-depth look at when you might or might not want to use one.

Now that you know our recommendations for the Top 5 Attachments are for Autumn / Winter, why not take a look at the Rhinox version of these attachments...

Digging Buckets and Ripper Teeth available for 0.75 - 25 Ton Excavators

Rake Riddle Buckets available for 1.5 - 5 Ton Excavators

Tilt Ditching Buckets available for 1.5 - 3 Ton Excavators

Manual Quick Hitch available for 0.75 - 3 Ton Excavators


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