Which Bucket Fits My Digger? Are Digger Buckets Universal?


Two of the most common questions that we often get asked at Rhinox are which bucket do I need to fit my machine, and are digger buckets universal?


Are Digger Buckets Universal?

In short; no. However, there are times where machine fitments are often crossed over, so buckets that fit on one machine, will also work on other machines. For example, a standard JCB 801 bucket, will fit on a standard Kubota KX36 machine, or a Bobcat X335 will also fit a Volvo ECR58 machine.

Another deciding factor is whether or not the machine is fitted with a Quick Hitch. It has been known for mismatch quick hitches to have been made, so the machine fitment is for one make/model of machine, where as the bucket pick up is designed for a completely different make/model of machine! For example, just this week, I had an enquiry for a Kubota K008 that had a Yanmar B12 pick up!

To complicate matters, when you start looking at the bigger machines, such at the 12 ton and the 20 ton machines, they are often fitted with a hydraulic travelling hitch, which basically means that these buckets are almost always universal, as the hydraulic hitch will pick up the slack between the pins.

Which Bucket Fits My Digger/Excavator?

If we are unsure on which bucket you require to fit your machine, we often ask to confirm a few dimensions on one of your old or existing buckets! This seems to scare people more than it should, as it is very straight forward to do so, as long as you know where we need you to measure. Below is a brief guide on what measurements we require to make sure you receive the correct bucket! 

How Do I Measure My Digger Buckets Pick Up Dimensions?



1. Pin Diameter

The pin diameter is as simple as it sounds. Take one of your old pins out of your bucket, and measure how wide the pin is! The easiest way to do this is with a set of Vernier callipers. However it can also be done with a tape measure or ruler! Alternatively, you can measure the inside diameter of the boss on the hanger! Please allow a few millimetre wear if the bucket is well used!

Rhinox Buckets Pin Diameter

Pin Diameter


2. Dipper Gap

The dipper gap is the internal measurement between the bucket hangers, or bucket ears as they are sometimes referred to! This is the section where the main arm of the digger fits in, and also the bucket link.

You need to measure the smallest internal size, this is often between the bosses on the bucket!

The easiest way is to measure using a tape measure or ruler. You can also measure the outside width of the bucket link, however these can often be worn, and as a result, give inaccurate measurements, so only use this method if really necessary!

Rhinox Buckets Dipper Gap

Dipper Gap


3. Pin Centres

The final measurement we would need to find the bucket you require is the pin centres. This is basically the distance between each of the 2 bucket pins from centre to centre! 

The easiest way to measure these is by using a ruler or tape measure!

Rhinox Buckets Pin Centers

Pin Centres


Tip: Instead of guessing where the centre of the pins are, measure from the front edge of one pin to the front edge of the second pin!

Hopefully this article will help you in finding the right bucket for your machine! Don't forget we have a wide range of buckets available to purchase online.


Please feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable, friendly sales team if you have any more questions. Call on 08453 840840, or email sales@rhinox-group.com


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