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Pin And Bush Location Diagram

Pin And Bush Location Diagram

While browsing the pins, bushes and links section of our website, you might come across the term 'position', followed by a number, for example 'position 9 pin' or 'position 6 bush'. These numbers are related to the location where the pin or bush is fitted on the machine.

While there are people that know the names and numbers of each of the locations very well in the industry, the majority of people are very unlikely to know all the locations off the top of their heads.

Rhinox-Group is here to help! We have decided to put together a pin and bush location diagram, with each of the names and numbers labelled very clearly. This can be seen below:

Pin And Bush Location Diagram

If you would like a printed version of this, diagram, fill in the form below and we will get one posted to you as soon as possible!

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