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Should I Fit A Quick Hitch To My Mini Digger?

Should I Fit A Quick Hitch To My Mini Digger?


Usually, people seem to think that there is no real need to fit a quick hitch to a mini digger or a mini excavator. This is simply because the buckets are generally not very big or heavy, and it is possible for the buckets to be man handled in to place. This however, is not advised! The 36” grading bucket for example is around 45kg! While that is a manageable, the HSE say that 30% of all injuries during manual handling happen at not much over 25kg!


A mini digger hitch is typically easier to attach a bucket, as it is usually on a hook and latch mechanism. This works by the front bucket pin being picked up by the machine using the hook, then the latch is levered open for the back bucket pin to drop into place. ( For more information, please see our user guide video located at the bottom of this page!). The other method of fitting a bucket or attachment to a mini excavator is by fitting the bucket directly to the dipper arm and bucket link. This is fine if you do not need to change your bucket regularly, however as things wear, the pins get harder and harder to slide in and out of the dipper arm – meaning the favourite assistance is of course, the hammer! Now the problem with this is, the first few times will be fine, however the more times you strike the bucket pin, the more likely the pin is to distort, meaning you have to hit the pin even harder – A vicious circle really!


The other problem with using the direct mount method is of course the amount of time it takes to change a bucket! And operator can switch between buckets and attachments several times a day! From land rakes, to digging buckets and then over to a riddle bucket! This can be very time consuming if the operator has to pull his hammer out to knock 2 pins out, and then back in again to the next attachment! This is where the quick hitch really comes into its own! A bucket change can literally be reduced from minutes to seconds with the aid of the hitch! And you won’t have aching wrists from swinging a hammer about!


Now, of course with all of these pros, there are bound to be cons, right? Well, the only real cons we can think of regarding the quick hitch on a mini digger is that the breakout force is slightly reduced due to the extra length, the reach of the arm is extended, meaning the operator has to be more careful not to strike his machine while operating, and of course the price of the hitch!


Well, Rhinox have taken these cons as a challenge and have done their best to make these cons as minimal as possible! The Rhinox Quick Hitch is a low profile design, meaning that the breakout force is only reduced very slightly, and also, unless you have a very large attachment on the machine, you are less likely to catch the machine with the attachment. Also, the hitches start at just £395, they are not going to break the bank either! – That includes pins to attach the hitch to the machine, the lever bar, spacer shims, and a user guide, safety instructions and CE declaration certificate, all together in a handy crate!


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