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Why should I buy a Rhinox Bucket? - Digger / Excavator Digging Bucket & Grading Bucket

Why should I buy a Rhinox Bucket? - Digger / Excavator Digging Bucket & Grading Bucket

If you've found this post you're probably looking for some information on why you should buy a Excavator / Digger Bucket from Rhinox. We might seem biased but we think we manufacture some of the best buckets on the market and this post is going to tell you why...

The Key Features that make Rhinox Buckets Stand Out

Feature 1: Additional Wear Protection

All of our Excavator Buckets are manufactured with additional wear protection to help extend the life of your buckets. These include Wear Plates on the sides of all buckets - these are easily recognisable as our logo is cut out. These wear plates add an extra layer of steel to the outside of your bucket in a location that is a high touch point with surfaces while digging, adding additional strength, durability and protection against harsh working conditions.

We also manufacture our buckets with Additional Wear Straps on the underneath of our buckets - these come as standard on all Rhinox Digging Buckets but can be added as an optional extra for Rhinox Grading / Ditching Buckets. These straps run across the width of the bucket, stopping just shy of the bucket edge to make sure a solid weld can be achieved the whole way round. Similarly to the wear plates, these wear straps added for durability and protection to extend the bucket lifetime when continuously digging in harsh conditions. 

Feature 2: Reinforced Leading Edge

As well as Additional Wear Protection, all Rhinox Buckets are manufactured with a Reinforced Leading Edge to further protect your buckets while digging and to extend the lifespan of your buckets. The Leading Edge is the front edge of the side plates that are one of the first points of contact with the ground while digging. To protect these stress points, we have thickened the steel to protect the bucket from damaged and to add additional strength and durability to withstand the engagement with rough materials and stop the edge from wearing as fast.

Feature 3: Drilled Lip Plate

All Rhinox Digging Buckets and Grading Buckets 3 Ton and above are manufactured with a Drilled Lip Plate. This is to allow a Bolt-on Blade to be fitted. In the case of our Digging Buckets, they are manufactured with Bolt-on Teeth as standard but these can be replaced with a Bolt-on Blade if desired. We manufacture our buckets like this to provide the owner / operator the option to fit a Blade if desired / required. We would also recommend fitting a Bolt-on Blade to your Grading Bucket or Digging Bucket if it doesn't have Teeth fitted as it dramatically extends the life of your bucket.

Continuously digging in harsh conditions will wear down your lip plate over time. A Bolt-on Blade is a piece of hardened steel designed to help withstand rough conditions. They provide additional durability and resistance to your bucket and enables you to easily replace them when worn down, rather than having to replace your entire bucket - as you can imagine, this is incredibly cheaper. Want to know more about why you should fit a Bolt-on Blade to your bucket? Watch the video below:

Feature 4: Serial Number Plate

To assist with your bucket traceability, all Rhinox Buckets are manufactured with Serial Number Plates located between the hangers that gives you the Product Reference and the Serial Number for that bucket. This allows us to trace when it was made and which of our welders made it, as well as who it has been sold to and where it is going. Being able to monitor each bucket helps maintain optimal security of your products. This also allows you to keep track of which bucket belongs to you if you are on a site with multiple operators or even to help organise and keep track of your buckets when storing.

Feature 5: Removable Dummy Pins / Bucket Pins

You will often find that some manufacturers weld the bucket pins into the bucket hanger. We avoid manufacturing our buckets in this way as it can cause you problems in the future. Bucket pins are one of the first places on your bucket to wear or become damaged because of the amount of pressure and friction put through them when changing buckets and attachments and during use.

We use Removable Pins on all of our standard hanger set-up buckets. They are secured in place with nuts and bolts to allow you to quickly and easily remove them when they become worn. This reduces your downtime and saves you money on replacing your bucket if you can't remove your pins. Welding in pins makes it considerably more difficult to remove them from the hanger and can take considerably longer. If you can't remove the pins you may end up having to scrap the entire bucket and buy a whole new one.

Feature 6: Transportation Bucket Hooks

All Rhinox Digging Buckets are manufactured with Transportation Buckets Hooks to make moving multiple buckets around site quicker, easier and safer. These hooks are designed to reduce the need for manual handling of heavy buckets so that you can keep yourself or your operators safe from injury.

They also stop the uneven stacking and loading of buckets when moving equipment around site or when loading onto a trailer to be moved between jobsites. This reduces the chance of stacked buckets falling and damaging other equipment or bystanders.

Here at Rhinox, we manufacture our Bucket Hooks as part of our hangers / brackets so that there is no room for weld failure. Sometimes welds will fail or become damaged through extreme use, such as: overweight loads or consistent use in harsh conditions. So, to avoid this possibility, we stay away from using any welds within the hanger / bracket to stop unnecessary potential stress on the area. Other manufacturers fabricate their Bucket Hooks onto the actual bucket shell. This can be dangerous as they can hit or penetrate utilities in the ground while digging due to the prominent positioning on the bucket hooks and the hooks being closer to the ground while digging. Manufacturing the hooks on the hangers adds extra distance between the hook and the ground to avoid these potential issues. 

Want to see how Transportation Bucket Hooks work? Watch the video below:

For more about the Key Features of Rhinox Digging and Grading Buckets, watch the videos below:

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