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Tilting Bucket for an Excavator / Digger - What they are & Best uses

Tilting Bucket for an Excavator / Digger - What they are & Best uses

What is a Tilting Bucket for an Excavator?

The tilting bucket for an excavator is known by many names - from Tilt Grader to Tilt Ditching Bucket to Rotator Bucket - but they all mean the same. A Tilt Grading Bucket is the solution to grading on an angle. It is the same as your standard Grading Bucket / Ditching Bucket but is fixed to hangers that are able to rotate or tilt. 

Using our own Tilt Grading Bucket as an example, they are usually mounted to your machine via your standard pick up or a hitch. They are manufactured with 1 Ram and 1.5 Metre Hydraulic Hoses that enable the bucket to tilt 45 degrees from left to right (total of 90 degrees). 

What are the best uses for a Tilting Excavator Bucket?

The tilting or rotating bucket is designed to help you with all of your complex ground shaping needs, faster and easier. The 45 degree angle helps you to level and profile complex areas that can be more difficult to flatten or finish. 

Some of the best ways to use a Tilt-Ditch Bucket is to level or carve the sides of ditches, trenches, bunkers and banks. And they can be especially useful for landscape builders for profiling Golf Courses or Golfing Greens, where more complex ground shapes are essential. But are also being used for carving out lakes or ponds, shaping complex garden beds or forming cambers on roads.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I use a Quick Hitch with my Tilt Grading Bucket?

As briefly mentioned earlier, yes - you can use a Tilt Grading Bucket with a Quick Hitch (Manual or Hydraulic). This bucket has the same hanger / bracket as your standard Grading Bucket or other excavator attachments. This means that you are able to use your Quick Hitch / Quick Coupler the same as you usually would. This allows you to quickly and easily swap attachments between jobs. Want to know more about the Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch? Click here.

2) Should I use a Bolt on Blade / Cutting Edge on my Tilt Grading Bucket?

We would always recommend that you DO use a Bolt-on Blade / Cutting Edge on your Grading Bucket - whether it's a Standard Grader or Tilt Grader. Using your bucket with an unprotected lip plate / cutting edge can cause wear or major damage to your buckets over time. Adding a Bolt-on Blade protects the edge of your bucket from harsh construction environments and drastically increases the lifetime of your bucket - which therefore saves you money! 

Want to know more about Bolt-on Blades / Cutting Edges? Watch the video below: 

The Rhinox Tilt Grading Bucket - All you need to know

Our Tilt Grading / Tilt Ditching Bucket has a few key features:

1) Heavy Duty Construction - As all Rhinox Buckets do, our Tilt Grading Bucket is manufactured with high quality steel to maximise the strength. They are also manufactured with Wear Plates, Centre Support Fins and Reinforced Leading Edges. All of these components come as standard on Rhinox Buckets to prolong the life of your bucket when being used in harsh conditions.

Rhinox Tilt Ditching Bucket

2) 1 Hydraulic Ram - As mentioned earlier, our Tilt Grader has 1 Hydraulic Ram fitted, which enables it to tilt 45 degrees left and right (total of 90 degrees), for levelling, profiling and finishing complex surfaces on an angle.

3) 1.5 Metre Hydraulic Hoses -  The Rhinox Tilt Ditcher plugs into your standard auxiliary or hammer hydraulics on your excavator which makes it quick and easy to attach when ready to use. They come with 1.5 metre long hoses with 1/4" BSP Flat Face Couplings. We prefill them with hydraulic oil and they are tested before dispatch to ensure they work as intended. Hydraulic hook ups can vary in location on different machines so if the 1.5m hoses we provide are not long enough, we advise you speak to your local hydraulics specialist in order to get the required lengths.

4) Angled Rear Shell - To prevent the shell from cutting into the graded area, we have modified the Grading Bucket shell on our Tilt Grader to be angled. This helps you to get a clean and level, profiled finish to the ground you are grading.

5) Drilled Lip Plate - As with every bucket, we recommend that you fit a Bolt-on Blade to protect the exposed Lip Plate /  Cutting Edge from being worn down and damaged. As well as protecting the lip plate, adding a Bolt on Blade provides additional strength and durability to the bucket.

Rhinox Sizes and Prices

Our Tilt Ditching Buckets are currently available for 1.5 - 4 Ton Excavators, with widths of 36" for 1.5 - 3 Ton and 48" for 3 - 4 Ton. They are available for the most common machine makes and models, including: Takeuchi, Bobcat, Kubota, JCB, Yanmar and more (See full range here). We can also manufacture them with the Safelock and Martin Hitch (UK) or Kubota Quick Attach and Bobcat X-Change (US).

These buckets currently start from £1,044 and are available with a Bolt-on Blade at an additional price. We can also supply replacement parts for these buckets - Rams, Hoses and Pins), contact our Customer Support Team if you require assistance with this.

Do you want to buy your own Tilt Grading Bucket? Click here.

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