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What is a Riddle Bucket or Shaker Bucket for a digger?

What is a Riddle Bucket or Shaker Bucket for a digger?

riddle buckets for sale

What is a Riddle Bucket?

A question you might be asking yourself!  A riddle bucket is essentially a digger bucket with holes in the back, which effectively works like a giant sieve on a digger, and can be used for riddling out stone from soil.

These buckets are also commonly known as Shaker buckets due to the motion required to make them work.

This brings us on to our next question...

How to use a Riddle Bucket?

You might be wondering how these buckets actually work, and how you go about using them.

All the operator needs to do is fit the bucket to the digger in the normal way, and then dig into the pile of aggregate or soil that needs processing.

Once the bucket is full, the operator simply shakes the bucket using the bucket crowd control on the digger, and the finer soil drops through leaving the larger rocks and stones in the bucket.

These can then be tipped onto a separate pile.

How do I make a riddle bucket?

As always, buckets do vary in design, but the Rhinox bucket offered by Rhinox uses vertical tines, rather than horizontal bars.

There are a number of reasons why we believe this is a better design:

  • The bucket is stronger, due to the riddle bars being the same shape as a traditional bucket, and supporting the top shell of a bucket.
  • Vertical tines give greater wear resistance - round bars across the bucket tend to wear out much faster due to the way aggregate falls against them
  • Better riddling action - In our experience, the riddling action from vertical tines is better than when the bars are horizontal.

Obviously, the bucket supplied by Rhinox has been carefully designed and tested, using the latest CAD design software to ensure that we deliver a quality product that will perform.

What machines should I fit a riddle bucket on?

 Another question we often get asked is what size machine should I fit a riddle bucket on?  In short the choice is yours!  

We can offer riddle buckets for machines from 0.75 ton micro excavators, all the way up to 20 ton excavators, with everything in between.

Of course, it goes without saying that the more material you have to sort, the larger machine is recommended, as the buckets have a larger capacity, and therefore can process a higher volume of aggregate in a shorter time.

But where space is limited, don't rule out a riddle bucket.  Many of our customers report the smaller buckets still being very effective at processing soil and aggregate.

Why use a riddle bucket?

So having read this post you might be asking why would I use riddle bucket, and what is the benefit.

The main benefit is that it allows builders and contractors to sort aggregate on site, and turn at least a portion of it into useable material, cutting down the need for expensive muck away or skips.

Convinced about how useful these attachments can be?  Check out our buckets for sale on our riddle bucket page.

Just a word of caution - many customers have been attracted to cheap deals on Second hand riddle buckets on sites like ebay or at auctions.  Because of the type of work these buckets do, they often get a lot of wear and abuse, and many customers have bought a second hand bucket only to have it fail on them a few weeks later.

Often, whilst the initial purchase price can seem daunting, it is much more cost effective to buy a new bucket. 

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