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What are the benefits of fitting a Quickhitch to my digger?

What are the benefits of fitting a Quickhitch to my digger?

A question that we often get asked is 'What are the benefits of fitting a quickhitch on my mini excavator?'

*This blog post has been further updated on 20/10/17 following some feedback from a customer on a point we had never thought of!*

We have taken the time to dig into this question a bit further, as aside from some obvious benefits, there are some more subtle reasons why you should think about fitting a quickhitch to your mini digger.

At first glance a quick hitch can look like a reasonable investment, but have a think about these points before making your decision:

Benefit Number 1: Speed of changing buckets

The most obvious reason that people fit a quick hitch is to save time when changing buckets.  The hitch allows you to pick up buckets very quickly and removes the need to line up the bucket pins and hammer them in and out.

Benefit Number 2: Less wear on Bucket Pins

Many people miss this benefit, but hammering the bucket pins in and out invariably damages the head of the pin over time, meaning you have to buy replacements.  With a bucket pin for an average 1.5 ton digger costing around £15 this cost can quickly add up.

Benefit Number 3: Less chance of Damaging Bucket & Tipping Links

How many times have you been called to site where the customer says the pins came out, and you are left looking at a mangled, twisted mess of bucket links and tipping links and even ram damage?

With the Rhinox quickhitch, the pins are bolted-in, meaning that the chance of the bucket pins coming out is virtually eliminated and therefore prevents this situation from occuring, potentially saving hundreds of pounds worth of damages and downtime.

Benefit Number 4: Increased Dig Depth

Probably not so high priority, but it is a fact that when you fit a quickhitch to your digger, it increases the dig depth by a few inches!

For anyone who is on the borderline for needing a larger excavator, this can represent a huge saving as you can continue to use your existing digger!

Benefit Number 5: Save bent hangers!

This point came from some customer feedback, and to be fair it was something we had never thought off!

They reported that they were having a massive problem when delivering digger/dumper combinations to site as the buckets would often get put into the skip of the dumper and then customers would tip them out the dumper onto the floor, often bending the hangers in the process.

What they told us was that when they fitted hitches to their diggers, their buckets then went out with the pins fitted and this had the effect of strengthening the bucket hangers saving them hundreds of pounds of additional expenses!

No doubt there are more benefits out there!  We would love to hear them from you, so please drop us an email to sales@rhinox-group.com.




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