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The Rhinox Bucket Hooks Innovation

The Rhinox Bucket Hooks Innovation

Introducing the all new Rhinox Buckets Bucket Hooks. The design innovation that was first developed by Rhinox Buckets!

The hooks are part of the hangers (or bucket ears as they are commonly referred to!). This means that they are a very strong design, minimising any chance of bending. The idea is that you can line up several digging buckets, and using your ditching bucket, pick up all the buckets at once very easily. This can be used for transporting the buckets around site, or around a yard when your machine is not in use or out on hire.

This feature is also very popular with low-loader drivers, or anyone that is responsible for transporting the digger or excavator to or from site. This is because they can simply pick up several buckets and drive them straight on or off the trailer, without having to use the bucket teeth to pick up each individual bucket, and risk damaging the bucket or the bucket pins!

Watch the video below to see how effective the bucket hooks really are!



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