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Rhinox Bucket Hooks - Reduce Manual Handling!

Rhinox Bucket Hooks - Reduce Manual Handling!

The Rhinox bucket hooks is a unique innovation. The bucket hooks come fitted as standard to our entire digging bucket range, from 0.75 & 1.5 ton, up to our 25ton range.

These are designed to reduce all manual handling of buckets on-site, in your hire yard, and even while loading the machines and attachments on and off the trailer/wagon.

Not only do they cut down on manual handling, they also cut down the risk of the buckets being dropped while transporting, even over the toughest of terrains. The hooks are designed to provide as much surface area connection to the blade of the grading bucket, so that the chances of the buckets falling are reduced dramatically!

Save on manual handling, cut down on risks; what else could the bucket hooks possibly offer? Well, how about save you time and money! Depending on the size of buckets in your set, you can carry as many buckets as you can fit on the width of the grading bucket! Meaning you can do less trips across site to carry your buckets, and less lifts with the buckets on to the back of a trailer or low-loader!

For a quick summary, watch the Rhinox Bucket Hooks video below! Only 1 minute of your life, could save you hours in handling time!

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