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How much does a road sweeper cost to hire? - A Rhinox Alternative

How much does a road sweeper cost to hire? - A Rhinox Alternative

How much does a road sweeper cost to hire?

Ever wondered how much it actually costs to hire a road sweeper? The going rate for a road sweeper starts at around £2,000 to £2,500 per week, depending on mileage, the road surface, and also the kind of soiling that you are wanting the road sweeper to sweep. There can be a lot of hidden costs on top of this, such as waste disposal and wear and tear excess.

There are also limitations of what a road-sweeper can actually work with. For example high levels of sloppy mud are not ideal for the machine, therefore the cost of the hire can dramatically increase once more.

If you throw in a busy site into the mix where the sweeper will be on the move for most of the day, you also have to consider hiring another specialist operator to drive the road sweeper for you.

Are there any alternatives to a road sweeper?

Plain and simple, Yes! – The Rhinox Broomex attachment is designed to be mounted on telehandlers, forklift trucks, and even diggers or excavators without having to change any brackets. This means you can use machinery and operators that you would typically have on-site anyway. Thinking away from the construction site, how about in your yard? HGV’s coming in and out all day bringing soiled machinery back for a power wash, your yard is going to quickly become muddy and boggy during the wetter months (which in the UK, is a lot of months), making it unpleasurable, and even un-safe for your staff.

The Rhinox Broomex has been designed with twisted side brushes. This means you can get close to curbs and walls with little risk of damaging anything. This also helps collects the materials while pushing it along without side spillage.

The bristles on the broom are rated to do 450 miles before they needs replacing, with replacement stock available from Rhinox to minimise any chance of downtime. These heavy duty bristles have enough force to push any muck along, and scraping it clear of the surface in one stroke.

Rhinox Broomex Sweeper Attachment

Now for the important part, the costing! The Rhinox Broomex attachment including the telehandler, forklift and excavator brackets fitted and ready to go will cost you less than one weeks hire of a road sweeper. This is using machinery and operators that you already have on site and available.

Check out some more of the key features here:

  • Reduce expensive road sweeper hire
  • Keep clients and neighbours happy by keeping the road and sites clean and clear
  • One attachment fits both excavator and telehandler without changing brackets
  • Reduces manual sweeping time by up to 98%
  • Patented side brushes helping you sweep close to wall and curbs without risk of damage
  • Will hold & push bulk volume of material in one sweep, minimising sweeping time
  • More rows of bristles than any other broom on the market
  • Bristles can last over 450 miles of sweeping


Check out our video of the Rhinox Broomex in action:


Where can I buy/hire the Rhinox Broomex?

The Rhinox Broomex is available to buy online or over the phone direct from us. Click Here to buy online, or give us a call on +44 (0) 1430 259 259. Would you prefer to hire the broom attachment? Speak to your local hire company about the Rhinox Broomex. We partner with hundreds of hire companies around the UK, Europe, and the world to make sure you get what you need!

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