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Grading Beam Vs Grading Bucket

Grading Beam Vs Grading Bucket

What's the difference between a Grading Beam and Grading Bucket?

The Standard Grading Bucket is a wide, shallow bucket with a straight edge, designed for ground levelling of aggregates and soil. The Rhinox Grading Bucket is manufactured with a low profile to allow for increased width without an increase in weight. It also features a 2-piece side, with a thicker front section to increase durability. This dramatically improves the wear resistance of the bucket. All buckets from the 3-ton range and above can also be fitted with an optional bolt-on blade to increase the wear resistance of the bucket in abrasive work environments.

The Rhinox Grading Beam is a wide, flat bottomed attachment used for levelling and profiling loose aggregates or soil from pre-existing piles. It has been designed and developed to be used instead of the reverse of a Grading Bucket - which some operators tend to do. Using the reverse of a Grading Bucket causes additional wear and therefore reduces the overall lifespan of the bucket. Whereas, the Grading Beam has been specifically designed and developed to carry out the same action without causing damage.

The beam is best used when wanting to grade larger areas of aggregates so is a beneficial attachment for landscapers and groundworkers who are trying to achieve a flat, level surface before further site or ground works. Some of the materials, it's most effective with include sand, gravel, crushed tarmac, top soil and type 1 aggregate.

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Key Features of the Rhinox Grading Beam:

Rhinox Grading Beam

Machined Edge Blade – Allows for flat grading of materials

Guiding Fins – Allows for grading close to curbs and objects

Replaceable Headstock – Allows for multiple machine pick-ups

Heavy Duty Construction – Maximises beam lifetime



Can the Grading Beam be manufactured with a Bolt-on Blade?

Manufacturing with a bolt-on edge is not possible due to the amount of surface area that would need to be covered. The entire lower side of the beam would require fitting, this would increase the attachment weight considerably, making it unmanageable for Mini Diggers. The bolt-on edge would also hang below the bottom of the beam meaning that it would no longer be flat as required to level out the material so would not be seen as beneficial.

Would you recommend a Grading Beam on a Micro-Digger?

Although, physically possible, we wouldn't recommend fitting a Grading Beam attachment to your Micro-Digger (0.75 Ton Excavator) as the extension length of the digger arm would be reduced due to the size and weight of the attachment. The beam would still be able to carry out the required job, but would not be able to do it to the full capability of the attachment on such a small excavator, deeming it less beneficial for levelling.

More about the Rhinox Grading Beam:

The Rhinox Grading Beam is currently available for 0.75-4 Ton Excavators. They are manufactured at a width of 1200 mm  1500 mm, starting from £680. Want to buy now? Click here.

Do you want to know more about this product, watch this video:


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