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Care for your digger - Get the right grease for your machine...

Care for your digger - Get the right grease for your machine...

Our most popular product is the Lithium EP2 General Purpose Grease.  Probably the most common product used in the plant industry, this grease provides good lubrication, and is very extensively used on Excavators, Telehandlers and many other pieces of plant and equipment. It is our lowest priced lubricant, however, we believe that just because it is popular doesn't always mean it is the best!  


Another popular grease is our Red Lithium Complex Grease.  This high quality lubricant has shown exceptional performance providing extended lubrication intervals over a wide operating temperature range.  This grease features excellent oxidation stability which provides lasting lubrication, at high temperatures, and it has been proven to perform up to 80% better than standard grease under extreme load conditions.


Whilst the above products do a good job for general lubrication on machines, there are also some job-specific lubricants available, which can do an even better job at protecting your equipment.


Pin and Bush Grease - this is a tenacious grease designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is needed.  It has been proven ideal for use on pins and bushes on earth moving equipment.  The presence of graphite in the grease fills surfaces and helps to distribute the load evenly preventing further wear and is therefore particularly suitable to extend the life of worn components.  


This grease offers the following benefits over standard greases:

  1. Many standard greases are mistakenly used for pivoting pins and bushes but none come close to being able to protect them like the Pin & Bush Grease.
  2. Moly greases are one of the greases that are commonly used for this application but moly grease works by only coating the surfaces of the metal one molecule thick.  It is the special combination of lubricating solids within the Pin & Bush Grease that protects this application. The special combination allows the materials to plate/stack themselves on each other giving a strong but yet very slippery surface allowing free movement.
  3. This high level of lubricating solids keeps the working surface apart which in turn substantially extends component life.
  4. Being fully resistant to water also extends the life of the lubricant and protects components from corrosion.
  5. Adhesion improvers also provide increased lasting protection.

Pin and Bush Grease is the ultimate option for protecting your pins and bushes!


Hammer Grease - As the name indicates this product is for use on Rock Breakers used in small to large construction sites from general road repairing to quarrying and even breaking holes through walls with hand held power chisels. 

Hammer Grease has being specially developed using a blend of semi-synthetic base oils manufactured with high temperature thickener containing a high level of graphite to extend lubrication periods. It is designed particularly for hydraulic hammer lubrication on large earth moving and general off-road heavy plant machinery.  Hammer Grease has being enhanced by the addition of laminar lubricating solids, and it’s adhesive properties resist water wash off.


This grease offers the following benefits over standard greases, which makes it the ultimate lubrication for Hydraulic Hammers:

 1) High degree of water resistance

 2) Reduced grease leakage tendency

 3) Excellent load carrying capability and shock load resistance

 4) Good sealing properties in dusty conditions

5) Inherent adhesive nature


Make sure you use the correct lubricant for your application, so that you can minimize the wear rates on your equipment.


Like to know more?  Don't hesitate to contact our sales advisors on 01430 828 945 for further details!

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