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Now stocking Shims up to 80mm Inside Diameter...

Now stocking Shims up to 80mm Inside Diameter...

In addition to our ever growing range of pins and bushes, Rhinox now have available a huge range of Shims to suit all pin sizes from 25mm up to 80mm in diameter!  Not only that we carry them in stock in 3 thicknesses - 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

What are shim washers used for?

Shims or shim washers as they are sometimes know, are widely used on ageing plant to ensure that the machine is kept tight, without too much play in the joints - shims play an important role in keeping a machine serviceable.

As a machine wears at key pivot points, you often end up with more lateral movement in the joint.  Shims are a cheap way to pack out the joint, to stop some of this movement, and slow down the wear.

Just be careful though!  Don't be fooled into thinking shims are the answer to every problem!  If the bushes are getting very worn, it is critical that these are replaced, otherwise they wear right through and you will start to wear out the arm of the digger.  This can then only be repaired by using line boring which can be very costly. 

All our shims are available to order online, and will be despatched on a next working day delivery. 

Don't forget that Rhinox also carry a huge range of Pins and Bushes for machines from 3/4 ton up to 8 ton, and from the Dipper End through to the kingpost.  You can view our ever growing range online, or if you can't see what you are looking for, please get in touch with our sales team.

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