Box of 12 Lithium Complex Grease Cartridges - 400g

Box of 12 Lithium Complex Grease Cartridges - 400g

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Box of 12 Lithium Complex Grease Cartridges - (400g tubes) 

A specially developed multi-purpose lithium complex grease for lubricating all anti-friction and plain bearings for use in industrial and automotive applications. The grease has shown exceptional performance providing extended lubrication intervals over wide operating temperature range.



 1) Exceptional mechanical stability extends relubrication intervals

 2) Excellent oxidation stability provides lasting lubrication at high temperatures

 3) Excellent EP and anti-wear performance

 4) Good corrosion resistance protects components operating in wet conditions



 1) LITHIUM COMPLEX GREASE has exceptional mechanical stability and extends relubrication intervals over the standard EP2 greases.

 2) LITHIUM COMPLEX GREASE has greater dewatering capabilities.

 3) LITHIUM COMPLEX GREASE is 20% better under standard conditions and 80% better  under extreme conditions.

 4) LITHIUM COMPLEX GREASE is more cost effective due to the reduction in repairs and down time.