Box of 12 Hammer Grease Cartridges - 400g

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Box of 12 Hammer Grease Cartridges - (400g tubes) 

As the name indicates this product is for use on Rock Breakers used in small to large construction sites from general road repairing to quarrying and even breaking holes through walls with hand held power chisels.  Hammer Grease has being specially developed using a blend of semi-synthetic base oils manufactured with high temperature thickener containing a high level of graphite to extend lubrication periods. It is designed particularly for hydraulic hammer lubrication on large earth moving and general off-road heavy plant machinery.  Hammer Grease has been enhanced by the addition of laminar lubricating solids, and it’s adhesive properties resist water wash off.



 1) High degree of water resistance

 2) Reduced grease leakage tendency

 3) Excellent load carrying capability and shock load resistance

 4) Good sealing properties in dusty conditions

5) Inherent adhesive nature