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What's the difference between UK Manufacturing, Overseas Manufacturing and Importers / Resellers? Where are Rhinox products made?

What's the difference between UK Manufacturing, Overseas Manufacturing and Importers / Resellers? Where are Rhinox products made?

What's the difference between UK Manufacturing, Overseas Manufacturing and Importers / Resellers?

There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of manufacturing than first meets the eye... especially within the construction industry. Within the Excavator Buckets and Attachments market there are 3 Types of Bucket Supplier you can purchase from: 1) UK Manufacturers, 2) Overseas Manufacturers and 3) Importers / Resellers and they all have their own perks and drawbacks. To find out more about the supply of buckets and how they can affect you, continue reading below.

3 Types of Excavator / Digger Bucket Supplier

1) UK Manufacturing

Manufacturers are usually referred to as a person or business that manufacture their products in the country they are based. For example, a company based in the UK, that make their own products, would be referred to as a UK Manufacturer. Manufacturers are responsible for turning raw materials into component parts and / or finished products. Which can then be sold directly to the customer, or sold onto additional supply chain members, like importers, for further sale or distribution. 

There are 3 Different Types of Manufacturers: 1) Made-to-Order, 2) Made-to-Stock and 3) Made-to-Assemble. For more information on this, click here.

UK Manufacturing

The main benefit of UK Manufacturers are that they are able maintain direct control over the production of their products, including how many units are produced, how frequently they are produced and the quality control. This also means that they are able to keep up with changes in the market or stock variants on a quicker lead time so that you can get your products faster.

Although this all sounds good, it can also have large drawbacks, for example lead times can be volatile and a next day service is likely to be impossible so if you need your order quickly this might not be possible. It also means that products on a longer manufacturing lead time could be too long for customer needs, and they might look somewhere else to order.

2) Overseas Manufacturing

Overseas manufacturers are usually businesses that set up manufacturing facilities in a country outside of their distribution location. For example, a UK based company might set up a manufacturing facility in India. This means that the UK based company develop the product designs, determine the materials used and produce a quality control system, which are then used and put into action in the manufacturing facility overseas.

Rhinox Pallet Fork Stock

Overseas Manufacturing usually involves a much larger facility which enables more products to be produced at one time. Most companies that use Overseas Manufacturers will bulk manufacture and ship products to create a stock of products at their UK location. This means that the UK based company can keep up with the demand from their customers and maintain stock levels to keep lead times down. Which also creates the ability to provide a Next Day service so that you can have what they need, when you need it.

Once again, this may sound good, but Overseas Manufacturing involves a lot more planning and forward forecasting than UK Manufacturing as it takes longer to bulk produce the initial stock items and ship them over to the UK location. When done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial to your customers as the lead times can be kept very low.

3) Importers / Resellers

Importers / Resellers do what the label suggests - they import and re-sell products. Simply, they purchase the products that are in demand, from the manufacturer to resell on to their customer(s). These people / businesses tend to deal with Overseas Manufacturers because they can usually be bought in in larger quantities for a cheaper price. They have no impact or influence over the manufacturing of the products, which means they have no control over the design or level of consistency with product quality.

Rhinox Shipping

As an Importer or Reseller, they will not always be able to offer the best pricing strategy for their customers. This is because they will buy stock at a specific price from the manufacturer and will only have a small margin for pricing leeway in order to maintain a profit on their products. As well as this, the availability of purchasing stock is out of their control as they are not the manufacturer and have no say over the manufacturers control of demand. This can cause stocking issues or make it considerably more difficult to get what they need on time, leading to you having delays on orders.

For Bucket Suppliers, Resellers usually work on an order-by-order basis. An example of this being, a Machine Dealer who needs buckets to distribute with their machines. Or, their customer has specified that they want a specific brand of buckets with their excavator purchase. If you want to know more about why you should specify a bucket manufacturer, click here. 

Do Rhinox Group manufacture in the UK?

One of our main goals is to provide a reliable service; with speed, quality and innovation at the heart of how we operate. To do this, Rhinox Group work on a hybrid system of UK Manufacturing and Overseas Manufacturing. We currently have a UK Manufacturing facility in East Yorkshire and Overseas Manufacturing Facilities in India.

All orders placed with us are shipped from our UK premises.

There is a misconception that businesses who sell products manufactured outside of the UK are selling standardised, poor-quality products, which are manufactured by under paid employees, which can be bought by any business. This is not the case! Our Indian Facilities were specifically set up by us, to produce Rhinox products, that were designed and developed by our specialist engineering team. We have determined the quality of materials used and have a dedicated Quality Control Team that make sure that our products are of a consistent, high-quality.

However, we also manufacturer our buckets and attachments at our UK premises. Products that are purchased by customers but deemed 'Out of Stock', are 'Made to Order' at our UK Facility so that lead times do not extend over 10 Working Days. We work in this hybrid system so that you have the products that you need as soon as you need them! We understand that time is money in the construction industry so avoiding downtime is crucial!

If you want to know more about Rhinox, watch the video below which answers

Top 8 Questions we get asked by our Customers

How do we operate to our key values?


Our aim is to dispatch your order the same day as purchase. To do this, we need to maintain high stock levels of our most common products, in numerous variants. This means we try to keep the most common machine makes and models for our buckets and attachments in-stock at our UK location in East Yorkshire. Our Hybrid Manufacturing Facilities assist us in this goal.


As well as having a quality control team at our UK based manufacturing location, we also have an independent quality control team at our manufacturing premises in India. This means that all buckets and attachments sold under the Rhinox branding are made within one of our manufacturing facilities and have been passed through our strict control procedures so that all our products are made to the same, high-quality standard every time.


Our aim is to be every excavator and telehandler operators first choice for buckets and attachments. To achieve this, we work to constantly update, improve and produce new products for the ever-changing construction and landscaping industry. For this, we have a dedicated team of product designers that work hard to stay up to date with the quick pace industry and continue to develop products that benefit the operators. These designs are then manufactured in our facilities when required.

Some of our most recent innovations being the Rhinox Uni-Tusk Blade for use near utility projects to help prevent cable strikes and strengthen your bucket edge. The Grading Beam - to make levelling and profiling surfaces much quicker and easier, as well as protecting your Grading Bucket from unnecessary wear. And, numerous new hitch designs coming in 2023, which will help make bucket and attachment changes much easier for the operator and help reduce downtime.

We trust this article has provided you with a more in-depth overview of how Rhinox Group operate.

If you have any further questions or require more information, don't be afraid to contact our customer support team at sales@rhinox-group.com or tel: 01430 259259

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