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What makes a good excavator bucket?

What makes a good excavator bucket?

Our customers often ask us what makes a good excavator bucket?


So we put our heads together and had a think about it...and we came up with 5 Questions you should always ask before purchasing a bucket!


These are:


1) Are the bucket hangers bossed?
2) Does the bucket have wear straps on the back of it?
3) Is the bucket fitted with Heavy Duty Bolt-on Teeth and Sidecutters?
4) Does the bucket have reinforced bucket sides?
5) What is the weight of the bucket?
These features all work together to offer remarkable improvements in the wear resistance of the bucket.
Interested to find out how?  We have put together a report on how these factors can maximise the wear resistance of a bucket - just drop us an email to: sales@rhinox-group.com and we will send it across to you!  

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