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The New Rhinox Deep Dig Is Here!

The New Rhinox Deep Dig Is Here!

The famous quote from Linus Pauling was “The best way to have a good idea, is to have lots of ideas”. This is a great way of putting ideas and innovations in to perspective. But here’s one for you; why can’t you take 2 great ideas, and put them together in to one outstanding idea?


That’s what we have done here at Rhinox Group. We took 2 of our most popular innovations, and incorporated them in to one. The Deep Dig bucket was one innovation that was incredibly popular with utility contractors and fibre optic broadband contractors. This was because of the huge saving in expensive muck away, while also saving in the even more valuable digging time.


Another one of our popular innovations was the unique Uni-Tusk bucket blade system. This was designed to help reduce the chances of cable strikes while digging around utilities. However, the most popular feature of the Uni-Tusk was the extended lifetime you gained from your bucket, simply by replacing the bucket teeth with the new designed blade. The hardened steel lip meant that your buckets where protected, and also reinforced in the corners where the lip plate joined side plates by bolting together.


Uni-Tusk Features


While having a bit of a re-think in to the design of the Deep Dig, or Micro Trenching bucket as some people refer to it as, we thought why not take the benefits of the Deep Dig slimline design, and increase the overall lifetime by adding the Uni Tusk blade to the front? Now the one-piece blade ties the side plates, and the bottom plates in to one solid unit, and the 500HB hardened steel lip plate can withstand even the toughest of ground.


While we were on with it, we designed to replace the usual round drainage holes down the side of the deep dig bucket with the standard Rhinox logo, so you can be proud to show people that you chose Rhinox when buying your buckets!



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