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Rake Riddle Bucket Vs Land Rake Vs Riddle Bucket

Rake Riddle Bucket Vs Land Rake Vs Riddle Bucket

Land Rake Vs General Purpose Rake

What is a rake riddle bucket and what makes it different?

This is a combination of rake and riddle bucket all in one, as the name suggests. It enables the option to rake, riddle and clear in one action, the perfect tool for clearing landscapes. These are the perfect tool for landscape clearance as they give you the option to rake, riddle and clear material such as stones, rocks and roots in one movement. A rake riddle bucket has more capacity than just a rake which makes it possible to sort material into different grades for either recycling or removing unwanted stones or rocks or large roots. A standard rake is more like a comb so you can rake over the ground and bring sorted material into more of a heap. You might be thinking should I use this instead of a riddle bucket or should I use it instead of a rake bucket? It can be used instead of a riddle bucket, especially where you have a lot of ground clearing to do, as it means this can be done in one action, speeding up the process. If you are working from a stockpiled heap of material this is also where the rake riddle is effective. Where you are doing a lot of ground clearing, this is an ideal bucket as you can get up roots, sort material in one action, saving the cost of having 2 buckets. These rake riddle buckets are also good for clearing out dykes and drains. You can pull out weeds and other accumulated, unwanted material and the water drains away.

Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket


Why should I have a rake riddle bucket?

The reason to have one thee buckets is that it speeds up any site clearance both for landscaping and construction works. It will also save having 2 buckets and encourages the recycling of material on site, reducing the need transport material away. Some ask the question, should I have a quick hitch? It is always a good thing to have on a machine as it protects the dipper end of the machine from wearing, links bending and twisting, but it is not essential for these buckets. Unlike breakers which cause the quick hitch to wear excessively so its not recommended to use quick hitches in conjunction with breakers.

Are they available for any machine?

We can make these up for all common machines including JCB, Volvo, Hitachi, Bobcat, Takeuchi, Kubota and many others, please enquire and we can confirm. The size depends on the machine weight, relative to the task you are doing. We have standard parts to make them for up to 20t machines, right down to the micro .8t machine. The widths will go up in size according to the machine weight, so if you are doing a lot of work it is better to try and get a bigger machine so the rake riddle will be larger. At our warehouse in East Yorkshire we have a large workshop facility including paint shop and a dedicated fabrication team. We normally work on 5- 7 days lead time, although this can change depending what we have going through production. Please enquire at the point of order for accurate lead time. We keep parts for standard widths and hanger set ups for the common machines, anything that is nonstandard, with special dimensions we will need to a specific quote and the lead times will be longer. We do have other attachments that might be of interest, such as the ripper tooth, concrete pouring bucket, Broomex all shown on our website.

 Rake Riddle Bucket Fabrication

Who is the rake riddle bucket designed for?

These incredibly versatile rake riddle buckets have been developed with the landscaper in mind, whether it be preparation for groundworks or civil engineering works, drainage and other projects that require any kind of ground or site clearing in view of a development or even general maintenance of the grounds to keep vegetation under control. If you are a ground worker you should own one of these.

If you want to know more about the Rake Riddle Buckets, or check the availability, please do not hesitate to call us on: +44 (0) 1439 259 259

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