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Full Range of Excavator Bucket Teeth available from stock

Full Range of Excavator Bucket Teeth available from stock

Rhinox stock a range of bucket teeth to suit a wide variety of applications.


Our range consists of Bolt-on Bucket teeth, typically used on machines from 3/4 ton up to 8 ton as well as a range of teeth and adapters which are typically used on machines from 8 ton upwards.

There are a few important measurements that need to be checked, when you are trying to establish what teeth your bucket is fitted with.  These are as follows:

  1. Bolt Centres - The measurement from the centre of one bolt hole to the centre of the next
  2. Bolt Diameter - Some teeth are fitted with a standard hex bolt, some use countersunk bolts, and some use a plow-bolt (these have a square shoulder underneath the head to stop the turning when fitted).  The diameter is the diameter of the thread.
  3. Thickness of the Bucket Lip Plate - this is critical, as the tooth has to slot over the lip plate, so this measurement makes sure this is possible.

If you are still struggling to identify the correct part from these measurements, our sales team are happy to help.  Just give us a call on 01430 259 259


For the larger machines, Rhinox offer a range of different systems of Teeth and adapters.  The most popular on the market is the CAT system which uses a pin and retainer system which locks sideways through the tooth/adapter.


Other systems available include the MTG Fixmet system (often used on Hitachi machines), Esco, Komatsu K-Max, Volvo Combi System and many more!


As well as offering a range of systems, we can also offer different styles of teeth to suit different applications.  We have specialist teeth to suit Demolition, Quarrying, Construction, Civil Engineering, Agriculture and much more!


Don't hesitate to give our sales team a call on 08453 840084 and they will be happy to discuss your requirements, and advise on the most suitable teeth for your application.



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