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Breaker Steels - Truly Ground Breaking!

Breaker Steels - Truly Ground Breaking!

A breaker steel is a breaker steel, right? – Well, no actually! The key is in the name; steel! Of course there is not just one type of steels including mild steel and stainless steel, but then it goes even more in depth from there, each varying in different strength properties and how hard and durable each type of steel is. This is mainly defined by what is mixed with the steel, and how many contaminants have been removed from the steel.

With this in mind, Rhinox strive to provide the best quality breaker steels and chisels, made from a steel with very high durability properties, meaning that the steels will last a long time before the points get too blunt to use, and reducing the change of the steel bending or snapping all together.

Breaker steels can be used in all kinds of environments. From splitting rocks ready for the crusher in a quarry, to breaking up a piece of concrete pathway ready for a new cable or pipe to be laid. Whatever the applications, we are confident that the Rhinox Hydraulic Breaker Points will be able to stand up to the test!

One question we often get asked is are breaker points are universal between all breaker and hammer attachments. The simple answer is no – however a lot of points and chisels can be used on other attachments of the same size. If you are unsure of which steel you need for your attachment, have a look for your make and model number of your attachment and give one of our sales team members a call on 01430 259 259.

We try to keep points and chisels in stock for most of the common hydraulic attachments, ready for next day delivery. These include JCB, Atlast Copco, Montabert, Rammer, and Kubota!

Take a look at our breaker steel range by clicking here! Alternatively you can give us a call on 01430 259 259, or drop us an email to sales@rhinox-group.com

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